About Us

Finans Zone is a company that provides intelligent financial solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a focus on sustainable economic growth. Our solutions are designed to strengthen companies’ receivables management and financial capabilities in an environment of increasing competition, rapidly developing technology, and growing uncertainty in the world post.

We have developed intelligent solutions in Credit Insurance, Surety Bonds, Guarantee Insurance, International Trade Finance, and Financial Consultancy to help our customers become substantial players in domestic and international markets. With our worldwide collaborations and solution partners, we offer our customers the opportunity to grow in foreign markets and stay up-to-date with global innovations and trends.

Finans Zone was founded in 2017 by Özgür Şivan Şahinoğlu, a professional with over 25 years of experience in banking, finance, and insurance companies. We serve customers in Turkey and the United Kingdom and are committed to providing the best financial services to help SMEs achieve sustainable economic growth.

We aim to be a bridge between UK buyers and Turkish Sellers. If you need more information on our services, please contact us.

Our Vision

We aim to facilitate a secure trade bridge between the UK and Turkey, enabling SMEs to conduct domestic and international trade safely and supporting their growth journey.

Our Mission

We will always serve as a bridge between the UK and Turkey, helping clients enhance their financial structures and increase sales without risk.

Our Innovative Solutions for SMEs

We Provide Collateral Support

We create peace of mind for your trade

We Grow Your Sales

We increase the domestic and export trade volume of SMEs

We establish new competitive advantages

We create Sustainable Growth with Confidence

Minimize your credit risk

We protect SMEs against unexpected commercial and political risks

Brand New Markets

Expand confidently in global business